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Positive Return Positive Displacement Pump

Doseuro UK Limited
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Type A

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Displacement Pump

Type A-I 

Download PDF Brochure
(Download PDF Brochure)

Our Type PDP A-I piston plunger displacement pumps are recommended for use if the liquid to dose is non-abrasive and an exceptionally high capacity and/or pressure is required.

The PDP A-I series are manufactured to API standard 675. Accuracy is greater than 1% at 10-100% of capacity.

The stroke length can either be manually adjusted, adjusted via a special SERVO control (4-20mA) or adjusted pneumatically. In any case it will be adjusted by an eccentric.

Multiple head (duplex/triplex/fourplex or more) units available, ATEX units available upon request. A wide range of materials including alloys and hastelloy are available.


Type A-I Positive Return Piston Plunger Pump Type Max Capacity (Lt/hr) Max Pressure (Bar)
A-I-250N 1,645 40
A-I-350N 3,800 40
AP A-I-250N 164 250
AP A-I-350N 470 250


Displacement controlled dosing pump
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